During your business visit or holiday in Bulgaria, we can arrange professional meetings for you and your colleagues or associates. As our client and partner base covers all kind of different businesses, we will suggest and select for you the right companies and organizations, working or interested in your field of activity.

Such meetings have proved to be very productive for both sides, and are of interest to many of our clients abroad as well as to the representatives of the Bulgarian companies and organizations. The Bulgarian participants can be managers of small and medium enterprises or representatives of the top management of the bigger companies. We can also help you contact company unions and  trade associations in order to reach as many people as possible, that are potentially interested in your offers or in possible partnerships.

 Our team will take care of all the necessary arangements, so that every detail of your visit – accommodation, transport, meetings, press-conferences, cocktails, etc. will goes smoothly and  according to your specific requirements. 

You can contact us and our team will be happy to discuss with you the options and contacts that respond to your specific interests.