Events and festivals by Cities


Dates Event City
June 18-24,2016 11th Children's Folklore Competition  ontana
October 10-12,2016 National Young Pianists Competition "Dimitar Nenov" Razgrad
June 01-05,2016 International Children's Folklore Festival "Sofia"  Sofia
June-July,2016 Sofia Music Weeks  Sofia
June 01,2016 Children's Folklore Songs & Dance Fest "Veselyache" Kresna
June 03,2016 Fire Dances (Nestinari) on St.St. Konstantine and Elena Day Balgari village
June 3,2016 Rose Festival Kazanlak
June 03-05,2016 International Folklore Festival  Kazanlak
June  Ancient Heritage Festival "Eagle on the Danube" Svishtov
June 04-05,2016 National Folklore Festival "Nasred Megdana" Arbanassi cl. Veliko Tarnovo
June 04,2016 5th National Amateur Folklore Clubs Dance Festival" Tran cl.Sofia
June 04-06,2016 International Folklore festival "Nessebar" Nessebar 
June 12,2016 47th Folklore Festival" The Golden Gadoulka (Rebeck)" Ruse
June  2016 52nd International Chamber Music Festival  Plovdiv
June 08-12, 2016 International Folklore Festival "Atliman" Kiten
June 11-13, 2016 Festival of Roses and Mineral Water Pavel Banya cl.Karlovo
June 18-August 10 2016 International Music Festival Varna
  “Varna Summer 2016”  
June 17-30, 2016 International Folklore Festival  Primorsko
June 20-25, 2016 Children's Art Festival "Rahovche" Gorna Oryahovitza
June 17-25,2016 Art Fest "Water Tower" Sofia
June 24-25, 2016 Enyovden - The Day of the Herbs & Nature(St Enyo) Etara cl.Gabrovo
June 24, 2016 Enyovden Folklore Festival Tran
June  2016 Wildflowers Festival Smolyan
June 9,2016 Bulgarian Yoghurt Fest Tran cl.Sofia
June 9-12,2016 International Folklore Festival Pavel Banya
June 23-26,2016 International choral festival "Maestro Mednikarov"  Albena
June 25-26, 2016 Graovo Folklore Celebrations"Vidovden" Breznik-Pernik
June 24, 2016 Cherry Festival in Kyustendil Kyustendil
June 28, 2016 Folklore Festival "From Timok to Iskar" Belogradchik
July 01-03,2016 10th International Folklore Festival "Pautalia" Kyustendil
July 02-03,2016 Folklore Festival "Stoletovo Sings" Stoletovo cl.Karlovo
July 07-09,2016 Dixie Jazz Fest Veliko Tarnovo  Veliko Tarnovo
July 15-16,2016 Bansko Beat Music Festival  Bansko
July 15-17,2016 Rozhen Folklore Festival  Rozhen cl.Pamporovo
July 15-23,2016 International Folklore Festival  Veliko Tarnovo
July 15-30,2016 VARNA International Ballet Competition Varna
July 20-22,2016 Folklore Arts and Crafts Festival Razgrad
July 28-30,2016 12th International Folklore Festival "Silver Buckle" Kyustendil
July-August,2016 Summer Opera Festival "Stage of the Ages" Tsarevets Fortress Veliko Tarnovo
July 30-31,2016 Orphyc Mysteries Festival Trigrad 
July 30-August 06,2016 Balchik Classic Days Music Festival Balchik 
July 28, 2016 Regional Festival "Golden Peach" Gavrailovo cl.Sliven
August 05-06, 2016 14th International Bagpipes Competition Gela cl. Shiroka Laka
August 01-21, 2016 20th International Arts & Crafts Fair Varna
July 29-31, 2016 18th Authentic Folklore International Festival Dorkovo cl. Velingrad
August 15-29,2016 8th International Folklore Festival-Competition "Bulgarian Rose" Primorsko
July 31-August 04, 2016 "Varna Summer" International Folk Festival Varna
August 06-07, 2016 Summer Cultural Festival  Koprivshtica
August 19-21, 2016 Transfiguration Festival Veliko Tarnovo
August 07-13, 2016 7th Classical Chamber Music Festival"Arbanasi Summer" Arbanasi cl. Veliko Tarnov
August 06-13, 2016 International Jazz Festival Bansko
August 12-15, 2016 Traditional Arts & Crafts Festival Oreshak 
August 15,2016 Varna's City Celebrations Varna
August 17-18, 2016 International Folklore Festival"Nestiya" Sapareva Banya
August 22-26,     2016 International Folklore Festival Burgas
August 19-21, 2016 8th Traditional Folklore Costumes Festival Zheravna
June 16-30,2016 International Folklore Festival "Primorsko" Primorsko
August 25-29, 2016 Beglika Fest  Beglika/ Rhodopes
August 25-27, 2016 Bansko Opera Festival Bansko
August 26-28, 2016 Festival in the Valley of the Thracian Kings Kazanlak
Sept 01-10,2016 Apolonia Festival of Arts Sozopol
August 25-27 2016 Bansko Opera Festival Bansko
August 28,2016 Regional Folklore Festivities Botevgrad
August 28,2016 Regional Folklore Meetings Dolni Chiflik cl. Varna
August 27-28, 2016 National Karakachan's Meetings Karandila cl.Sliven
September 01-30, 2016 Autumn Salon of the Arts &Crafts  Ruse
September 02-05,2016 Autumn Salon of Folk Arts Sopot
September 01- October31,2016 Autumn Salon of the Arts Plovdiv
September 02-04 2016 National Folklore Festival "Nedelino" Nedelino, cl. Smolyan
September 06,2016 Plovdiv City Celebrations-Unification Day Plovdiv
September 03-06,2016 14th International Folk Arts and Crafts Festival Etara near Gabrovo
September 07-14,2016 41st "Chamber Music Days" Festival Gabrovo
September 08-10,2016 Thracian Folklore Music Festival Parvomay 
September ,2016 Museum night Plovdiv Plovdiv
September 20-30, 2016 7th International Music Festival" Music Days at Balabanov's House" Plovdiv
September 21-23, 2016 Plum (and Plum Brandy) Festival Troyan
September  Traditional Roma Culture & Roma Traditions Festival Sopot
September 22-25,2016  International Folklore Festival "Balkan Rhythms" Devin
September 22-25,2016 Traditional Celebrations "Delyuvi Praznici" Zlatograd
September 24-25,2016 11th National Meeting of Folklore Music Instrumental Ensambles "Stambolovo 2016" Stambolovo
September, 2016 Street Art Fest Plovdiv
September 24-25, 2016  Regional Folklore Festival Petarch cl.Sofia
October 14,2016 Troyan City's Celebrations Troyan
October 15-16, 2016 14th International Festival" Spiritual Music Celebrations" Gabrovo
October 21-23,2016 41st Musical Festival “Nedyalka Simeonova”  International Competition for Young Violinists Haskovo
October 21-30, 2016 One Dance Week Festival  Plovdiv
November 01,2016 Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival Throughout Bulgaria